Why AppArmory?

High quality protection vendor

High quality protection vendor

We maintain active license on several top notch mobile app protection software, such as Licel DexProtector, INKA AppSealing, Quixxi Security, Verimatrix App Shield, etc. We invest heavily in our service and we let your hard-won app get protected for affordable, one-time fee for forever protection.

Affordable pricing

Affordable pricing

By using AppArmory's service, you don't have to pay expensive pennies directly to mobile app protection vendors anymore. We take care of that. With only $300 for Android + iOS app and lifetime protection, it's truly a steal :)

Friendly support

Friendly support

We actively support you and be there to answer any problems, questions, requests, and feedbacks you have, without additional fee. We believe that friendly & fast customer support is what makes users happy. Our office hours are Monday to Friday at 08.00 - 16.00 (Indonesian Time). P.S: We're currently trying to get our support team fully distributed around the world, please bear with us for a while :)

How It Works

1. Purchase a protection request voucher

To be able to use our service, you need to purchase a protection request voucher first. The purchase is processed through PayPal, designated to our CEO. We'll send you a link to your e-mail to sign in on our secure customer portal after the purchase is confirmed. Please note that you should purchase the voucher within the office hours to ensure faster respond from our team. Your purchase will be processed the next business day if you make your payment after office hours.

2. Upload your Android app (APK/AAB) or iOS app (IPA), or... both.

In the secure customer portal/dashboard, you can upload your Android or iOS app, or both. We'll also provide NDA & Confidentiality Agreement that we signed, so rest assured that we never try to steal your app source code and internals or share it with anyone. Your app will be deleted immediately after the protection work is done.

3. We are working to protect your app. Get ready to receive the package, yeah!

Our mobile app security experts will begin working to protect your mobile app. This won't take long. Within several minutes or few hours, the app will be protected. Stay tune and get ready.

4. Voila! Download your protected app and publish with confidence and peace in mind.

Your app is now protected. It's time to download and publish it to the app store of your choice. The protected app is saved within your secure portal/dashboard just in case if you need to download again. We'll also send you a dedicated slack channel link for future support/assistance/questions.

See how much you will pay when not using AppArmory

Mobile App Protection Vendor Price without AppArmory Price with AppArmory
Licel DexProtector Community Edition starts from $500/$800 per year, only for Android app with basic features. No runtime protection and does not support iOS app (only available at Enterprise Edition which costs $20,000/year). $300
INKA AppSealing Costs you $129/app/month, for 15,000 users. If your app has more users than the minimum baseline, you will be charged even more. Android & iOS app are priced separately. $300
PreEmptive Solutions DashO Only support Android app. Costs you $7,995 for 1 year or $21,995 for 3 year. PreEmptive Solutions does not offer protection for iOS app though. $300
Verimatrix App Shield Costs $349/month for 2 Apps (Android + iOS)for Starter, or $349/app/month for Standard. It's kind of expensive with per month pricing like that. And there's limit how many versions can be protected in Starter plan, but if you move to Standard plan, then your Android & iOS app will be priced separately. $300

Our Pricing

Affordable, one-time fee. Forever protection. Free updates. Secured app, happy users.

Android + iOS App (2 App)

$ 300

  • Free updates up to 12 months (when our protection vendors update their software). Updating after free period costs $235. Price may increase, but existing customers will have grandfathered pricing. By the way, no one force you to update though :) But if you want the latest and strongest protection, feel free to do so.
  • Code Obfuscation (String Encryption, Control Flow Obfuscation, Removal, Renaming, Class Encryption, etc.)
  • LIFETIME PROTECTION GUARANTEE! No need to pay monthly or annually anymore.
  • Releasing new build/version? Don't worry - we'll re-protect your app at no cost, as long as you're using current version of your chosen mobile app protector. If there's an update and you would like to get protected using the new version and the 12 months of free updates period has expired, then additional fee will be incurred :)
  • Runtime protection (anti-root, anti-jailbreak, anti-frida, anti-debugging, etc.)
  • Unlimited users & installations, no more costly per user/install bills.
  • Support via Secure Portal or e-mail (in business days, Monday to Friday at 08.00 - 16.00 Indonesian Time)
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